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Martin J Evans
DBIx::Log4perl - Perl extension for DBI to selectively log DBI methods, SQL, parameters, result-sets, transactions etc to a Log::Log4perl handle.
DBIx::Log4perl::Constants in lib/DBIx/Log4perl/Constants.pm
DBIx::Log4perl::db in lib/DBIx/Log4perl/db.pm
DBIx::Log4perl::st in lib/DBIx/Log4perl/st.pm
Changes for version 0.26
  • Enhancements
    • Add DBIX_L4P_LOG_SQL mask and changed DBIx::Log4perl so when
    • DBIX_L4P_LOG_SQL | DBIX_L4P_LOG_DELAYBINDPARAM are used together you
    • ONLY get SQL and parameters logged.

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