Revision history for Perl extension Module::Starter

1.77      2020-09-05 17:20:43 EDT
        * Replace usage of ExtUtils::Command with File::Path
        * Clean up test file shebangs and remove pointless -T
        * GH#76: Remove references to AnnoCPAN from default module templates
        * GH#72: Convert distribution tooling to Dist::Zilla

1.76    Mon Mar 11 14:49:14 EDT 2019
        * GH#68: Default module templates will now use test_requires where appropriate (Dan Book)
        * GH#70: License metadata and blurbs are now handled by Software::License (Dan Book)
        * GH#70: Add --genlicense option to generate LICENSE file (Dan Book)

1.75    Thu Jun 14 12:53:47 EDT 2018
        * Update additional template URLs for consistency in tests

1.74    Tue Jun 12 18:15:20 EDT 2018
        * GH#66: Update default module template to link to metacpan (Dan Book)
        * GH#67: Update default module template to use HTTPS where appropriate (Chas. J. Owens IV)

1.73    Fri Aug 11 01:46:00 EDT 2017
        * Fix case where a distro name of '0' would be replaced by the first
          module name, confusing the tests (Dan Book)
        * Use Module::Runtime instead of string eval (Dan Book)

1.72    Sat Mar 25 21:20:41 EDT 2017
        * Stable release containing previous fixes

1.71_01 Thu Mar 23 23:04:11 EDT 2017
        * GH#51: drop use of Module::Build::Compat in Build.PL (Karen
        * GH#56: Fix generated syntax errors when using --fatalize (Dan Book)
        * GH#57: Fix strange scoping issue in test on 5.8 (Dan Book)
        * GH#58: Typo and doc fixes (Tordek)
        * GH#59: Quote versions in generated Makefile.PL/Build.PL (Dan Book)
        * GH#61: Fix version comparison in test (Dan Book)
        * GH#63: Remove unneeded dependency Module::Install::AuthorTests (Dan
        * GH#64: Replace usage of Path::Class with File::Spec (Dan Book)

1.71    Fri Jan 30 13:28:31 2015
        * GH #47: create_t breaks plugins. (David Pottage)

1.70	Tue Jan 20 20:56:31 2015
        * Change the url for issues from to GitHub (David Pottage)
        * Added a missing module to prerequisites (David Pottage)
        * Marked t/pod* test scripts as RELEASE_TESTING (David Pottage)
        * Moved boilerplate test to xt/ directory (David Pottage)
        * Added a --fatalize option to generate code where warnings are fatal
          This changes the default behaviour, as fatal warnings are now considered
          unwise for any public module that many others depend on.

1.62    Sun Dec  8 11:49:21 2013
        * Fix regexp in tests to stop failing on 5.8.x (Sawyer X).
        * Fix FSF address in template block and tests (Brian Manning).
        * Typo fixes (David Steinbrunner).

1.61    Fri Dec  6 14:01:19 2013
        * Stop getpwuid calls on Windows, instead prompt user for author.
          (Martin McGrath)

1.60    Thu Oct 25 20:29:50 2012
        * Guess author from getpwuid if not provided (Hilko Bengen).
        * Guess email from $ENV{'EMAIL'} if not provided (Hilko Bengen).

1.59    Thu Oct 25 19:54:05 2012
        * Skip POD tests unless RELEASE_TESTING environment is on.
          (Alberto Simoes)

1.58_03 Fri May 11 16:24:44 2012
        -- Trying to clean up test failures. More to come.

1.58_02 Wed Apr 25 12:53:34 2012
        -- All changes in this release are by Brendan Byrd (SineSwiper).
           Thank you! :)

        * Add GPL3 licenses (fixes RT #72321).
        * Add all other supported licenses, including Software::License
          support (fixes RT #68634).

        New Params:
        * Make ignores_type an arrayref (closes Pull Request #8).
        * Add new --ignores parameter (also repeatable).
        * Add new --minperl parameter (Minimum Perl version).

        File Creation:
        * Fix MANIFEST.SKIP to skip creation of MANIFEST.
        * Make all warnings FATAL in created .t/.pm files.
        * Add config/build requires to Makefile/Build.PL.
        * Bulk up Module::Install Makefile.PL.
        * Fix ignores_guts to use different contents for MANIFEST.SKIP and
          other ignore files.

        test-dist.t Revamp:
        * Complete refactor of test-dist.t to make it more standardized.
        * Create new TestParseFile::parse_file_start method that handles
          parsing of all current created file types (outside of .pm files).
        * Use subtest for better organization.
        * Add verification that existing files are there and no new surprise
          files are not there.
        * Add new mega-loop to "test all variations of everything" (uses 1%
          sample size to keep test speed fast for average users).

        * Use .gitignore and MANIFEST.SKIP.


        * Fix repository URL by Shlomi Fish (GH #7).

1.58    Sat Jul  2 15:58:46 2011

        * Added prereq on Path::Class (RT #68360).
        * Doc fixes by Nicholas Bamber and Salvatore Bonaccorso (RT #68385).

1.57    Tue Apr 12 11:07:01 IDT 2011

        * No functional changes.
        * Removing English from unnecessary tests that confuse a tester.

1.56    Thu Apr  7 17:01:11 IDT 2011

        * No functional changes, productionizing.

1.55_01 Fri Jun 11 16:56:00 IDT 2010

        Special thanks goes to Andy Lester, who has been, still is and
            will remain an inspiration to many programmers, myself included.

        Added hooks for distribution building in App. Thanks to brian d foy.
        MANIFEST is now created via the proper builder.
        Kept create_MANIFEST to act as hook.
        Added Apache license by pfig.

        * [RT #53539] Refactoring, adding hooks, described above.
        (Patch provided by brian d. foy)

        * [RT #27304] Minimal version of perl (5.006)
        (Patch provided by Alexandr Ciornii)

        * [RT #53339] ::Simple uses the builder to create the MANIFEST

        * Moved repository to Github

        * Some more refactoring in Simple::create_builder()

1.54    Tue Dec  8 09:11:00 CST 2009

        This release could not have happened without Sawyer X.

        Added more exclusions.  Thanks to Olivier Mengué.

        * [RT #45941] Correcting POD sections for Perl Critic (Sawyer X)

        * [RT #13847] Bail out if load fails, minimum Test::Harness (Sawyer X)

        * [RT #24110] Support for Test::CheckManifest + tests for it (Sawyer X)

        * [RT #22648] Pod::Parser (Pod::Usage) >= 1.21 (Sawyer X)
        (earliest Backpan version tested to work)

        * [RT #48723] Add metadata to META.yml (Sawyer X)
        (Patch provided by Olivier Mengué, thank you!)

        * [RT #39397] Add option to create .gitignore (Sawyer X)

1.52    Mon Jul 27 01:25:03 CDT 2009
        * Support for more licenses.  Thanks to Shlomi Fish.

        * Fix slashing problems for Windows.  Thanks Olivier Mengué.

        * Complains about extra unparsed options to try to detect
        problems that come out of misquoted variables. Thanks to Gunnar Wolf.

        * The list of files to ignore is now called ignore.txt,
        which you can turn into .cvsignore, .gitignore, MANIFEST.SKIP
        or whatever.

        * Handles authors with apostrophes in their names better.
        Thanks to, not surprisingly, Dave O'Neill.

        * Removed module requirements on Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage
        for Module::Starter to be built and installed.  However,
        t/pod.t and t/pod-coverage.t do still both get created even
        if either of their two main modules are not installed.

1.50    Tue Oct 28 00:27:37 CDT 2008
        * Added Perl Training Australia's getting-started.html

        * Add license setting to default Makefile.PL output (Thanks, Gabor!)

        * Fixed the RT link in the boilerplate. (Thanks, Shlomi)

1.46    Fri Nov  9 18:36 America/New_York 2007
        * add Module::Install compat for ::Template plugin
        * boilerplate.t no longer appears in default MANIFEST
        * META.yml no longer appears in default MANIFEST

        * undo some bugs introduced by changing API of subclassable "guts"
        * remove some duplicated code

1.46    Wed Oct 31 08:49 America/New_York 2007
        * put nearly all of the module-starter program into a module (to test)
        * add license to META.yml

1.44    Sun Oct 11 19:09 America/New_York 2007
        * no changes since 1.43_03

        * pod-coverage.t includes Pod::Coverage version check
        * Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage are now requirements.
            Thanks, David Golden.

1.43_02 Wed Apr 25 09:37-Wed May 09 14:46 PDT 2007	<>
        * broke Module::Starter::Simple's README_guts and module_guts
          methods into smaller, override-able pieces
        * re-factored Module::Starter::Simple's build system; the
          build metadata now lives in Module::Starter::BuildSet.  This
          allows us access to the metadata from the test suite.  It
          also makes it a bit easier to add supported builders.
        * added a test Plugin module (based on Module::Starter::PBP)
        * wrote a test suite for running module-starter
        * wrote a test suite for Module::Starter::BuildSet
        * modified the critic Makefile target to name the policy which
          raised the violation
        * Split most long lines (>80 chars) on whitespace

        * Ensured that perlcritic succeeds without errors or warnings
        * Added perlcriticrc to the MANIFEST
        * corrected build -> builder in module-starter --help docs

1.43_01 Wed Mar 28 12:21:00 EDT 2007
        * Now properly reports on all files in --verbose mode.

        * Add support for Module::Install

1.42    Wed Nov  9 11:25:10 CST 2005
        * Don't build Build.PL or Makefile.PL multiple times
        * Move Test::More from require to build_require in Build.PL

        * Documentation now includes references to search.cpan, AnnoCPAN,
          RT and CPAN Ratings.
        * Email addresses are now obfuscated very basically as
          "andy at".
        * Include boilerplate.t to notice unchanged boilerplate text
        * Experimental new method to handle plugin loading

1.40    Wed Jul  6 19:30:00 CDT 2005
        * Document --dir option to module-starter
        * Proper escaping of $] and $^X
        * Never use \ for path delimiters in {Makefile,Build}.PL
        * Don't always completely ignore --license

1.38    Wed Mar 16 20:28:00 CST 2005
        * Don't allow invalid module names

1.36    Mon Mar  7 08:38:00 CST 2005
        * 00.load.t is now 00-load.t, so VMS and RiscOS folks can use it.
        * Escape apostrophes in author name in Makefile.PL
        * Add a link directly to this dist's queue in RT, not just to RT
        * Don't set configdir to something in $HOME if it's undef

1.34    Mon Sep 20 19:15:00 CDT 2004
        * module-starter now reads a config file

1.30    Mon Aug 16 14:00:00 CDT 2004
        * Module::Starter is now merely a public interface to plugins
        * Module::Starter::Simple, the old M::S is now a plugin
        * Module::Starter::Plugin::Template added
        * module-starter now shows usage if no parms are passed.
        * The t/pod.t and t/pod-coverage.t files now use tainting,
          and require the appropriate versions of Test::Pod and
          Test::Pod::Coverage, respectively.

1.22    Mon Jul 12 17:05:26 CDT 2004

        * Another fix to inline POD, to cope with brain damage in Pod::Parser

1.20    Sun Jul 11 22:28:57 CDT 2004

        * Moved some data (distro, basedir) from parameters to object data
        * Moved some data (rtname) from routine-local to parameter data
        * Correted lies in POD regarding args to create_distro
        * Every create_file method now calls a file_guts method to get
        * All the quoted POD inline should now not render in perldoc.
        * The module-build script now respects --class
        * Minor refactoring of parameters to create_directory and _module
        * Everything is now an overridable object method.  Thanks to
          Ricardo Signes.
        * Added verbose() method.
        * Added progress() method so subclass can decide how progress
          is reported.

        All of the above is courtesy the diligent work of Ricard Signes.

        * Large expansion of POD ( and module-starter)

1.00    Fri Jun 25 17:57:31 CDT 2004

        * Added a README file.  The README file is somewhat intelligently
          constructed, too.
        * Now you can specify both EU::MM and M::B as your builders,
          so the module can have a double life.

        Thanks to Sébastien Aperghis-Tramonifor the help.

0.04    Mon Apr  5 20:45:58 CDT 2004


        * Added support for Module::Build.  Thanks, Randy Sims.

0.02    Thu Feb 26 00:11:57 CST 2004

        First real version, released on an unsuspecting world.