Lingua::LinkParser 1.17
  Copyright 2000-2014 by Danny Brian

  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or 
  modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.



   There is a namespace compatability conflict documented at:


   If you get segfaults or "dictionary creation" errors, follow the advice 
   of Alan Buckeridge:

     There's a routine called 'advance' in the file 'read-dict.c' in the
     parser's source directory.  By replacing each occurrence of "advance"
     with something else (I used "ad_vance") and recompiling the parser, I
     was able to 'make' and 'make test' for Lingua::LinkParser.

   This has fixed the problem in all cases, as far as I'm aware. Thanks Alan.


   To quote the Link Grammar documentation, "the Link Grammar Parser 
   is a syntactic parser of English, based on link grammar, an original 
   theory of English syntax. Given a sentence, the system assigns to it 
   a syntactic structure, which consists of set of labeled links 
   connecting pairs of words." Version 1.10 of this module implements the 
   4.x parser API currently maintained by AbiSource and available 
   from http://www.abisource.com/projects/link-grammar/ .


   To install Lingua::LinkParser you must have already downloaded, 
   compiled and installed the Link Parser package. This package is tested 
   compatible with at least link-grammar 4.8.x.

   This module has been compiled and tested with Perl 5.12 on Linux 
   and on OS X.


   Before you build this package, it is highly recommended that you install 
   the link parser package with 'make install', which will put the libs, 
   headers, and dictionary files in standard locations. This build no longer
   prompts for package directories, so if you want to build with non-standard
   locations, you'll need to edit Makefile.PL to make that happen. In particular,
   pay attention to the INCLUDE parameter.

   To begin installation type:

      perl Makefile.PL

   Once the Makefile is written, you can build and test with:

      make test

   The test will load the parser dictionary files and parse a sample
   sentence. If they do not, back up and figure out why before
   installation. To install:

      make install


   On Linux, the make displays several warnings about redefined macros -
   these messages may be ignored.

   I have noticed recently that Perls >= 5.8.8 on newer Linux installs do
   not write the Makefile properly. After perl Makefile.PL, be sure your 
   resulting Makefile has the block:

     # --- MakeMaker const_loadlibs section:
     # Lingua::LinkParser might depend on some other libraries:
     # See ExtUtils::Liblist for details
     EXTRALIBS = -llink-grammar
     LDLOADLIBS = -llink-grammar
     LD_RUN_PATH = /usr/local/lib

  Or include the path to your libs. You also need to have the lib path in your 
  /etc/ld.so.conf, and to run ldconfig afterwards. If anybody knows why MakeMaker
  isn't writing the above for the Makefile, please let me know.


   Full documentation is available in pod format within the .pm file:

      perldoc Lingua::LinkParser

   The scripts in 'scripts/' demonstrate a general overview of the 


   I need to add quite a few tests. I'd like there to be a large test suite 
   of sentences.

   Danny Brian <danny@brians.org>