Changes for version 0.59

  • forked module; XML::SimpleObject::LibXML is now its own module on CPAN. XML::SimpleObject::XMLParser will be a separate module, and retain the previous version number. (No updates to XMLParser version in this release.)
  • added methods to for the following (see POD for more info): o XPath queries o Most single accessor methods (name, value, attribute) can now take additional argument for assignment o Document output to file or string o Adding/deleting elements o Replacing element/attr values w/ replace_value() (uses XPaths) o Deleting elements w/ XPaths
  • fixed Makefile.PL's to reflect prerequisites
  • applied extensive patches to to properly handle namespaces (thanks to Chris Donnelly), reading only
  • constructor can now take a file path as argument
  • constructor can create an empty DOM for subsequent building
  • Please send bug reports. With more tests and better docs, I want to make this v1.0.


Perl extension allowing a simple(r) object representation of an XML::LibXML DOM object.