Revision history for Perl extension XML::SimpleObject::LibXML.

0.1  Mon Feb  5 14:54:38 2001
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19

0.2  Fri Feb  8 01:07:32 2001
        - fixed documentation typos, thanks Michel
	- children_names() willl return an array of child element names for a 
          given element
        - children() called without an argument returns an array of all 
          children element objects (though not in any particular order)

0.3  Mon Apr  16 10:20:04 2001
        - fixed children() bugs
        - fixed name() accessor within 'foreach ($obj->children)' loops

0.4  Sat Jul 7 2001
        - changed element treatment to allow all characters (thanks to Pekka 

0.41  Fri Aug 24 2001
        - changed to allow parsing without separate XML::Parser object
        - changed to handle empty elements properly; thanks to Thomas Ziehmer
        - changed convert() implementation to allow zero values and some flow 
          enhancements; thanks to Eric Kolve

0.5  Wed Jan 23 2002
	- added XML::SimpleObject::LibXML providing the same interface using 
	  XML::LibXML; it's faster and uses the libxml DOM methods rather 
	  than iterating the tree twice. See the separate perldoc for this

0.51  Sat Jan 26 2002
	- fixed Makefile.PL to include dependencies

0.52  Tue Mar 6 2003
	- applied patch to to permit inheritance (thanks to 
          Cliff Stanford)
	- fixed changes with libxml 1.53 to work with constant XML_TEXT_NODE
        - added (need to document)

0.53  Tue Mar 6 2003
	- bad dist fix

0.59  Fri Apr 4 2003
        - forked module; XML::SimpleObject::LibXML is now its own module on 
          CPAN. XML::SimpleObject::XMLParser will be a separate module, and 
          retain the previous version number. (No updates to XMLParser version
          in this release.)
        - added methods to for the following (see POD for more info):
            o XPath queries
            o Most single accessor methods (name, value, attribute) can now 
              take additional argument for assignment
            o Document output to file or string
            o Adding/deleting elements
            o Replacing element/attr values w/ replace_value() (uses XPaths)
            o Deleting elements w/ XPaths
	- fixed Makefile.PL's to reflect prerequisites
        - applied extensive patches to to properly handle namespaces
          (thanks to Chris Donnelly), reading only
        - constructor can now take a file path as argument
        - constructor can create an empty DOM for subsequent building

        Please send bug reports. With more tests and better docs, I want to 
        make this v1.0.