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Change log for Perl module MegaDistro

0.02-4  Sun Jan 15 03:55:31 EST 2006
      * Fourth release of 0.02
      * Altered Changes file to reflect information on a per-release basis
      - All previous dependencies on `tar` have now been replaced with
        appropriate implementations using Archive::Tar.

0.02-3  Mon Jan  9 00:32:45 EST 2006
      - Added this Changes file. 

0.02-2  Thu Jan  5 02:40:03 EST 2006
      * Second release of 0.02
      * MegaDistro::RpmMaker::SpecFile now uses BuildArch again.
      - Fixed rpm builing bug; rpm should now build properly,
        on any x86-compat system, and on fedora distributions of linux.

0.02-1  Wed Jan  3 23:33:41 EST 2006
      - Replaced mkdir -p system calls with File::Path::mkpath,
        replaced rm -rf system calls with File::Path::rmtree, and
        uses File::Spec::Functions::catdir instead of manual directory
      - Cleaned up a bit of the documentation to reflect the changes made.

0.01    Tue Sep  6 22:49:18 EST 2005
      - First working version released to CPAN.