2.04    2018-12-04      Make the tests pass on modern perls where . isn't
                          in @INC

2.03    2016-09-27      Clean up some nasty old code, no functional changes

2.02    2016-09-21      Fix bug in tests that broke when tested in parallel

2.01    2016-09-17      Fix a bug affecting perl 5.24

2.0     2009-02-11      Completely re-work tests, so that it actually
                          *tests stuff*
                        Better copyright etc text
                        Fix bug in handling 'other' perm bits

1.3     2007-10-02      Modernise distro

1.2     2003-12-17      Fixed bug so that it emits no warnings if
                          the groups db has non-existent users in it

1.1     2003-07-22      Fixed to be aware that uid 0 can always read and write

1.0     2003-06-29      First version released