Text::BasicTemplate v2.006.1

This is a template parsing module for perl5 and higher.  Originally
written for use with HTML templates, it has proved quite useful for
many kinds of printable-character file parsing.

Essentially a highly flexible, efficient search-and-replace mechanism,
it is typically used to parse templates on disk using specified key/value
pairs, conditional evaluation, etc.  Templates and the locations in
the templates of substitution keys are cached, so each template will
be parsed at most once.

Most template systems face a balancing issue -- too weak a template scheme
is insufficiently useful, or requires too much involvement of document
structure in code to achieve maximal benefit.  A template language with
too much functionality becomes a scripting language itself, generally a poor
one.  Text::BasicTemplate steps inbetween -- it provides substitution
(inserting values in the right places) and conditions (outputting one or
another block of parsed template depending on some input condition).  It does
not provide functions, except that its substitutions may be composed of
references to real perl functions in the main code.  This seems to me the ideal balance point -- making simple functionality, adequate to compose entire
documents from templates -- without becoming itself a scripting language
or altering the form of the main body of code.

v2 of the module represents a total overhaul of the last released version,
v0.9.8.  A temporary backwards-compatibility has been provided, and most
templates written for v0.9.8 and earlier will remain compatible for the
forseeable future.  This version adds a more robust, arbitrarily nestable
conditional system, function references, etc.

Text::BasicTemplate does not eval anything from the templates, and passes
taint checking accordingly.  It uses references internally wherever
possible for efficiency, and provides type-flexible arguments to
the important functions (passage of substitutions by scalar, hash, hashref,

Copious documentation and examples provided within.

  Devin Carraway <cpan-textbasictemplate@nospam.devin.com>
  Sun Feb 24 22:51:10 PST 2002