package Acme::Bleach;
our $VERSION = '1.150';
my $tie = " \t"x8;
sub whiten { local $_ = unpack "b*", pop; tr/01/ \t/; s/(.{9})/$1\n/g; $tie.$_ }
sub brighten { local $_ = pop; s/^$tie|[^ \t]//g; tr/ \t/01/; pack "b*", $_ }
sub dirty { $_[0] =~ /\S/ }
sub dress { $_[0] =~ /^$tie/ }
open 0 or print "Can't rebleach '$0'\n" and exit;
(my $shirt = join "", <0>) =~ s/(.*)^\s*use\s+Acme::Bleach\s*;\n//sm;
my $coat = $1;
my $pressed = '#line ' . ("$coat\n" =~ tr/\n/\n/) . ' ' . (caller)[1] . "\n";
local $SIG{__WARN__} = \&dirty;
do {eval $coat . brighten $shirt; print STDERR $@ if $@; exit}
    unless dirty $shirt && not dress $shirt;
open 0, ">$0" or print "Cannot bleach '$0'\n" and exit;
print {0} "${coat}use Acme::Bleach;\n", whiten $pressed.$shirt and exit;

=head1 NAME

Acme::Bleach - For I<really> clean programs


    use Acme::Bleach;

    print "Hello world";


The first time you run a program under C<use Acme::Bleach>, the module
removes all the unsightly printable characters from your source file.
The code continues to work exactly as it did before, but now it
looks like this:

    use Acme::Bleach;


=over 4

=item C<Can't bleach '%s'>

Acme::Bleach could not access the source file to modify it.

=item C<Can't rebleach '%s'>

Acme::Bleach could not access the source file to execute it.


=head1 SEE ALSO

=head1 AUTHOR

Damian Conway (as if you couldn't guess)


   Copyright (c) 2001, Damian Conway. All Rights Reserved.
 This module is free software. It may be used, redistributed
and/or modified under the terms of the Perl Artistic License