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New in Version 0.34:
- The constructed "From " line now assumes EDT instead of the machine's
  timezone. This makes the test cases pass in timezones other than EDT.
- Generalized search for start of new email to a NULL character followed by
  three or more word characters or hyphens, followed by a colon. This improves
  dbx processing quite a bit.
- Fixed a potential infinite loop in mailbox reading.

New in Version 0.33:
- Restructured code.
- The date on the "From" line is now correctly built from the "From:" line.
  (Thanks to Maik Nijhuis <> for finding the bug.)
- mbx2mbox now uses Date::Manip to construct the date for the "From" line.
- Added tests
- Project moved to SourceForge (

New in version 0.32:
- Improved parsing of emails (David Hall <>)
- Header "From" now uses sender's email address.
  (David Hall <>)
- Quoted headers are no longer mistakenly processed.
  (David Hall <>)

New in version 0.31:
- Linefeeds cleaned up. (By Twinkles <>)

New in version 0.3:
- Improved parsing of emails at the expense of speed for mailboxes with large
- Added -c flag for more aggressive removal of odd characters in email bodies.
  (Weakened default removal for more friendly handling of non-English
  characters.) Thanks to Joerg Hau <>
- Added debugging mode (-d)

New in version 0.2:
- Added .dbx support.

New in version 0.11:
- Added "Received" to header list. (Thanks to T.R. Fullhart <>)
- Added POD documentation

New in version 0.1:
- Fixed extra newline and dropped From: on first email.
- Renamed to mbx2mbox from mbox2mail

New in version 0.0:
- Initial version.