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Changes for version 2.046

  • cme:
    • added -create option to force creation of missing configuration file
    • improved message about applied changes and don't show '0' as <undef>
    • added examples in pod doc
  • BackendMgr:
    • add note about cme in header of saved file (if comments are supported in the configuration file format)
    • Improved error message when no config file is found
    • skip backup copy if no original file is found
  • Node: avoid unknown element failure when check is 'no'
  • ValueComputer:
    • added note in doc about compute variable usage
    • correctly handles &index(-x) where x is a number > 1
    • improved error message if 'follow' parameter does not point to a leaf in configuration tree
  • overdue doc changes: s/WarpedThing/Warper/g in pod docs
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