Douglas Hunt

Changes for version 0.31

  • Added new function typed_zeroes, which should be in PDL::Core. This function does what 'zeroes' does, but allows the user to specify the type of the PDL. Before, I was using, for example, byte(zeroes(2,3)) which results in lots of copying. Using typed_zeroes ([2,3], $PDL_B) is much more efficient.
  • Also, I no longer export the world; I just put it in export_OK. This means that in order to use the traditional interface, you must use PDL::NetCDF qw (/^NC_/ /^nc/); to get all names starting with NC_ and nc.
  • Lastly, the object oriented interface now includes a function to get the size of a dimension, $dimsize = $ncobj->dimsize('dimname');
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