Changes for version v4.1.0.3 - 2022-06-22

    • environment variables ALIEN_CFITSIO_EXACT_VERSION and ALIEN_CFITSIO_ATLEAST_VERSION are available to force exact or minimum version of CFITSIO
    • extend exact_version and atleast_version functionality to share as well as system installations
    • only patch CFITSIO if a version specific patch is available
    • use Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Templates to ensure all hardwired CFITSIO version information is kept in synch

Changes for version v4.1.0.2 - 2022-06-15 (TRIAL RELEASE)

    • CFITSIO 4.1.0 doesn't add -lcurl to the autoconf generated pkg-config file. patch it
    • update doc to indicate this supports _at least_ 4.1.0, not _exactly_ 4.1.0


Build and Install the CFITSIO library
Build and Install the CFITSIO library