Changes for version 0.24 - 2021-07-30

    • the consistency of the return values of the types, output_types, and fields methods was inconsistent. they're now consistent, and different.
    • type_index now returns an arrayref; it will probably change further, so use with caution.
    • booleans are now supported
    • json and yaml properly support booleans and string/number differentiation.
    • dbi supports booleans
    • new sink, array.
    • alternate namespaces for Sink and Encoders now possible
    • dbi connections may be opened in cached mode


Flexible serialization of a record
store a record in a database
encoded a record using Data::Dumper
encoded a record as JSON
encoded a record as /rdb
encode a record as YAML
Base Role for Data::Record::Serialize
Default methods for Data::Record::Serialize
Both an Encode and Sink. handle unwanted/unused required routines
append encoded data to an array.
send output to nowhere.
output encoded data to a stream.
Types for Data::Record::Serialize