Revision history for Perl module Statistics::RserveClient

release-CPAN-0.06 Thu Mar 28 2013

  * Sequence of releases from release-CPAN-0.03 through this release
    to get version numbering right.

  * Expanded README/ to include acknowledgements and a reference
    to the project wiki.

  * Added scripts to automate release process for CPAN

release-CPAN-0.02 Wed Mar 20 2013

  * Added git tag for release-CPAN-0.01 release

  * Fixed incorrect handling of errors in, simplified
    error handling.

  * Made tests depending on connection to Rserve server conditional,
    so module can be installed

  * Added basic test for connection to Rserve server

  * [@aixtal] Export TRUE, FALSE from Statistics::RserveClient to
    simplify usage throughout code

  * [@aixtal] Correct deprecated "defined(@array)" usage (

  * [@aixtal] Fix incorrect example in POD synopsis (

release-CPAN-0.01 Thu Jan 10 2013
  * original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.51