Revision history for Perl extension Log::Dispatch::Win32EventLog.

0.14 2007-10-21
    - improved the test diagnostics (e.g. cmp_ok() instead of ok())
    - Switched from Module::Build to EU::MM, since MB is not
      bundled by default with Activestate Perl.
    - maintainance handed over to David Landgren
    - no code changes, this is simply to get support calls
      directed to the current maintainer.
    - detabbed source files
    - removed SIGNATURE

0.13 Mon Apr  4 2005
    - commented-out unnecessary eval
    - added Pod::Coverage and Test::Pod tests
    - added stub Test::Prereq (disabled due to bugs)
    - minor updates to documentation
    - 02-register.t test disabled due to bugs in register
    - added SIGNATURE to distribution

0.12 Fri Sep  3 2004 (includes 0.11_xx releases)
    - test for register set as TODO since it seems to fail on some
      systems when run for the first few times, then suddenly works
    - test for register skipped if not an administrator
    - added test for log4j.NTEventLogAppender interface
    - if backslashes are in the source, it changes them to spaces and
      issues a warning rather than dying; message changed to
      'Backslashes in source removed'
    - tweaked tests with respect to opening event log to verify events
    - removed use of Win32::IsAdminUser function, since it does
      not seem to be universally available
    - added warning in README about WinZip
    - event source will only be registered if one is an admin user
    - removed unnecessary tests
    - updated POD and added Known Issues section
    - corrected tests for registered sources (thanks to
      <fpchan at> for feedback on this)

0.11 Fri Aug  6 2004
    - corrected handling of unregistered sources

0.10 Wed Aug  4 2004
    - build uses Test::Warn
    - added test for invalid log registration
    - renamed test files

0.03_02 Mon Jul 26 2004
    - added tests for registration and Log4perl (if present)
    - allows registration of the source to a specific log
    - tests verify that events were written to logs
    - tests use Test::More
    - event log is opened to $Source rather than "Application"
    - checks for proper perl version
    - handle is now closed when class is destroyed

0.03_01 Mon Jul 26 2004
    - fixed warnings related to Perl 5.8.x [cpan #7020]
    - check for invalid characters in source
    - reorganized and updated POD
    - added Build.PL and META.yml to distribution
    - corrected prereqs in Build.PL/Makefile.PL

0.02  Thu Aug 22 09:29:46 CEST 2002
    - Renamed to Win32EventLog from Win32Event
    - Fixed typos in documentation

0.01  Wed Aug 21 14:18:40 CEST 2002
    - First version