Changes in 1.4.0

Version 1.4.0 was prepared by Ernst Rohlicek (
who is bravely taking on primary developer duties on Parallel::Pvm.
Ernst has also started including a Gentoo ebuild file for the module.
To him go the glory - and the questions! 

	pvm_getcontext() pvm_newcontext() pvm_setcontext() pvm_freecontext()

Message Handlers:
	pvm_addmhf() pvm_delmhf()
	From Ernst Rohlicek:
	Unimplemented - don't know how to give a Perl function pointer to a 
	C function (and have it work additionally).



Message Mailboxes:
	pvm_putinfo() pvm_recvinfo() pvm_delinfo() pvm_getmboxinfo()

Spawn Siblings:

	Tests for those new functions
	Still contains runtime text relocations, but couldn't find any info on this.
	Documentation for new functions in missing

1.3.0 is a completely user-contributed release! 

Large parts of Parallel::Pvm were rewritten by Ulrich Pfeifer,
while preserving the original API. (And a great job he did!)
- unpack() now accepts an extra parameter for the size of the
  message, removing the previous 100.000 char limit.
- The pvm group functions are now implemented.
- Memory leaks in the config(), tasks() and hostsync() functions 
  were fixed.
- There is now also a very nice setup for test scripts - they
  reside in the "t" directory. 
This work was sponsored by Neopoly AG.

Benjamin Holzman contributed support for the pmv_start_pvmd()
API call.