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Ricardo SIGNES
dnsoterica - run dns-o!
DNS::Oterica - build dns configuration more easily
DNS::Oterica::App - the code behind `dnsoterica`
DNS::Oterica::Hub - the center of control for a DNS::Oterica system
DNS::Oterica::Network - a network to which results are served
DNS::Oterica::Node - DNSO node. belongs to families.
DNS::Oterica::Node::Domain - a domain node
DNS::Oterica::Node::Host - a host node
DNS::Oterica::NodeFamily - a group of hosts that share common functions
DNS::Oterica::RecordMaker::Diagnostic - a collector of record generation requests, for testing
DNS::Oterica::RecordMaker::TinyDNS - a tinydns recordmaker for DNSO.
DNS::Oterica::Role::HasHub - any part of the dnso system that has a reference to the hub
DNS::Oterica::Role::RecordMaker - a delegation class for the DNSO recordmaker.
Changes for version 0.202
    • update repo and bugtracker

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