Author image Martin Owens


Template::Direct - Creates a document page based on template/datasets


  use Template::Direct;

  my $template = Template::Direct->new( Location => $fileName/$refName );

  my $result = $page->compile( Data => {DataSets}, Language => 'en' );


  Creates, Saves and Manages templates, their languages, the publication of
  and also does some work with the template design when saving unpublished templates


$class->new( %properties )

  Create a new template, takes the arguments:

    * Directory - Location of all files, base path.
    * Location  - Location of the template (Filename)

$template->loadPage( Language => [] )

  Load a Template Page object with specific language fallbacks.
  Returns Template::Direct::Page object.

$template->compile( $data, Language => [] )

  Short cut for loading the page with Languages and then
  Compiling that page with data. Returns final page string.

$template->load( %properties )

  Load a specific version of a template file, returns
  the template as a string.

$template->_suitableLanguage( Template => 'filename', Language => [] )

  Returns a suitable language to use for this template, given what exists.


 Copyright, Martin Owens 2008, GPLv3