HTML::TableTiler README File


HTML::TableTiler uses a minimum HTML table as a tile to generate a complete
HTML table from a bidimensional array of data. It can easily produce simple or
complex graphic styled tables with minimum effort and maximum speed.

Think about the table tile as a sort of tile that automatically expands itself
to contain the whole data. You can control the final look of a table by choosing
either the HORIZONTAL and the VERTICAL tiling mode among: PULL, TILE and TRIM.

The main advantages to use it are:

* automatic table generation
  Pass only a bidimensional array of data to generate a complete HTML table.
  No worry to decide in advance the quantity of cells (or rows) in the table.

* complex graphic patterns generation without coding
  Just prepare a simple table tile in your preferred WYSIWYG HTML editor
  and let the module do the job for you.

* simple to maintain
  You can indipendently change the table tile or the code, and everything
  will go as you would expect.


0. Prerequisites:
- Perl version >= 5.005
- HTML::PullParser >= 1.0
- IO::Util >= 1.2

1. Standard installation
- from the directory where this file is located, type:

	perl Makefile.PL
	make test
	make install

2. Manual installation
- if your OS does not have any 'make' support, just copy the
  content of the /lib dir into perl installation site dir, maintaining the
  same hierarchy

Domizio Demichelis