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Thomas Klausner
tracker - run App::TimeTracker
App::TimeTracker - time tracking for impatient and lazy command line lovers
App::TimeTracker::Command::Core - App::TimeTracker Core commands
App::TimeTracker::Command::Git - App::TimeTracker Git plugin
App::TimeTracker::Command::Overtime - Tells you if you have already worked enough
App::TimeTracker::Command::Post2IRC - App::TimeTracker plugin for posting to IRC
App::TimeTracker::Command::RT - App::TimeTracker RT plugin
App::TimeTracker::Command::SyncViaGit - App::TimeTracker SyncViaGit plugin
App::TimeTracker::Command::TextNotify - App::TimeTracker post mac desktop integration plugin
App::TimeTracker::Data::Task - App::TimeTracker Task storage
App::TimeTracker::Proto - App::TimeTracker Proto Class
App::TimeTracker::Utils - Utility Methods/Functions for App::TimeTracker
Changes for version 2.018
    • use json decoder object (Thomas Klausner)
    • enable proper posting of correctly decoded utf8 (Thomas Klausner)
    • moved RT ticket name ascii-isation into method (Thomas Klausner)
    • honor config value "parent" in project_tree (Thomas Klausner)
    • dynamic 00-load.t (Thomas Klausner)
    • squash a warning (cpan-rt75266) (Thomas Klausner)
    • fix tag sorting (Jozef Kutej)
    • set tracker script STDOUT to utf8 (Jozef Kutej)
    • add description to the detail report (Jozef Kutej)
    • Switch to Digest::SHA (in core since 5.9.3) to reduce external deps (Roland Lammel)

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