Changes for version 3.003 - 2020-08-02

  • Sort list of available commands for consistency (Paul Cochrane)
  • Stop gathering vim `.swp` files when building dist (Paul Cochrane)
  • Link to YAPC::EU 2011 talk in docs (Paul Cochrane)
  • Describe installation via tarball and git checkout separately (Paul Cochrane)
  • Bump the copyright year (Paul Cochrane)
  • Fix various typos, general cleanup (Paul Cochrane)
  • Minor pod tidy up. (Mohammad S Anwar)


run App::TimeTracker
tracker bash autocomplete


time tracking for impatient and lazy command line lovers
App::TimeTracker Core commands
App::TimeTracker Task storage
App::TimeTracker Proto Class
Utility Methods/Functions for App::TimeTracker