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Revision history for Emacs::Run

0.01  Fri Mar  7 02:43:02 2008
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-AX -nEmacs::Run -b5.8.0

0.02  Monday March 24, 2008   5:48 PM
       - some bugfixes (corrected initialization involving emacs
         libraries to load, etc.);
       - tests will now skip if no 'emacs' is present.

0.03  Monday March 24, 2008   5:52 PM
       - added finer-grained control over manipulation of STDERR
         and STDOUT (the "shell_output_director" object attribute
         and method option);

0.04  Saturday March 29, 2008  12:55 AM
       - improved documentation for the method "eval_function"
       - added emacs version dump to tests that have been failing
         on some platforms.

0.05  Wednesday April  2, 2008  12:21 AM
      - added method no_splash_p to probe for emacs '--no-splash'
        option, and modified "run_elisp_on_file" to avoid using that
        option when it's not there (I'm trying to swat some pesky
        cross-platform bugs with a sledge-hammer)

0.06  Wednesday April  2, 2008   1:25 AM
      - changing default shell_output_director for the get_load_path method
      to discard messages sent to stderr

0.07  Wednesday April  2, 2008  10:09 PM
      - renamed "no_splash_p" as "probe_for_option_no_splash",
        modified to find "Unknown option" warning more reliably
      - in "detect_lib" and friends made similar improvements
        to detect the "Cannot open load file" error under wider
        circumstances (including under xemacs).

0.08  Monday April 21, 2008   5:21 PM
      - added "shell_output_director" option to "probe_emacs_version".
      - made the test code more robust with error trapping on the
        initial probe for the presence of emacs
      - Using File::Spec in lib_or_file rather than matching for '/'
      - Using File::Spec->devnull now in tests.

0.09  Saturday April 26, 2008   2:02 AM
      - Now (optionally) uses IPC::Capture in preference to
        shelling out directly via qx.

0.10  Wednesday August 12, 2009   7:37 PM
      - Added a method to use when the elisp code being run
        will not work right under "batch": eval_elisp_full_emacs
      - Added internally used utilities (hacks?) such as parse_ec_string,

0.11  Wednesday August 19, 2009   2:22 PM
      - Improved portability of a test by instructing it to avoid
        searching for a site-start.el file.

0.12  Thursday August 20, 2009   7:09 PM
      - Switching from Makemaker to Module::Build

0.13  Sunday, August 23, 2009   7:07 PM
      - Phasing out use of IPC::Capture: now just shells out directly.
        (The additional dependencies weren't really improving portability.)

0.14  Monday, August 24, 2009   12:50 PM
      - Cleaned up after dropping use of IPC::Capture.

0.15  Tuesday September  1, 2009  12:33 AM
      - Dropped use of "redirector" setting for methods where it
        made little sense to use it (e.g. "get_variable", "get_load_path).
      - Added feature to eval_elisp_full_emacs to assist in debugging:
        If the option "message_log" contains the name of a log file
        the emacs '*Messages*' buffer will be appended to it.