Revision history for Text-Capitalize

      original version; created by Stanislaw Y. Puspep.
      this included only the capitalize function

0.2  Fri Aug  1 10:19:49 2003
	- created a new framework using h2xs 1.22 with options
		-AX -n Text::Capitalize
      capitalize_title function added by Joseph Brenner

     Changed stucture of driving loop for capitalize_title,
     fixed a few bugs and (hopefully) improved readability.

     Added "special effects" functions: scramble_case, random_case, zippify_case

0.4 Thu Sep 18 17:50:13 2003, Thu Feb 17, 2005  1:13 PM
     Cleaned up documentation slightly, belatedly added the
     above remark "0.3", which describes the version 0.3 release.

     Fixed bad bug: all routines now use localized $_, to
     keep from clobbering $_ in calling code.

     Added tests for random_case and scramble_case.

0.5                            Tue Jan 31, 2006 12:24 AM
     Bug fix release for the test suite: if the current
     locale can't deal with the international characters
     use in some of the test cases, those particular test
     cases will be skipped.

0.6-0.8                       Tuesday March 17, 2009  10:32 AM
     All bug fix releases for the tests, redesigning them
     to make them insensitive to the set-up of locales.

0.9                             Wed Jan  6 19:10:10 2010
     Revised the documentation.  Switched to Module::Build.
     Refactored some routines.

1.0  Fixed "use lib" lines in *.t files (new layout from
     module_starter since 0.9).
     Added "use utf8" to all files, and deleted "use locale".
     Made sure all files were saved with utf8 encoding
     (many were latin-1 before).
     Now requiring at least perl 5.6 (previously 5.4).

1.1  Improved speed of capitalize_title routine.

1.2  Improved portability to perl 5.6.