Changes for version 0.09_05

  • changed make_uri to explicitly clone URI, because $uri->canonical apparently doesn't clone anymore (or did it ever?)

Changes for version 0.09_04

  • added escaping to Instance::as_string

Changes for version 0.09_03

  • changed behaviour of `make_uri` to unconditionally unset query when empty

Changes for version 0.09_02

  • found a bug in `set`: should un`set` parameters declared undef
  • found a bug in `make_uri`: should be no question mark if empty

Changes for version 0.09_01

  • added a `template` to Params::Registry::Instance.


Housekeeping for sets of named parameters
Structured exceptions for Params::Registry
An instance of registered parameters
Template class for an individual parameter
Types for Params::Registry


in lib/Params/Registry/
in lib/Params/Registry/