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Alan Kasindorf
mogadm - MogileFS admin tool
mogdelete - Delete keys from a MogileFS installation
mogfetch - Fetch data from a MogileFS installation
mogfiledebug - Dump gobs of information about a FID
mogfileinfo - Fetch key metadata from a MogileFS installation
moglistfids - Iterate fid/key data from a MogileFS installation
moglistkeys - Lists keys out of a MogileFS domain
mogrename - Rename file (key) from one key to another
mogstats - Utility for calculating slow stats directly against a MogileFS DB
mogtool - Inject/extract data to/from a MogileFS installation
mogupload - Upload data to a MogileFS installation
MogileFS::Utils - Command line utilities for the MogileFS distributed file system.
Changes for version 2.25
  • Simple fix fixing the previous fix to work again for all non-Postgres DBs
    • (dormando)

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