Douglas Christopher Wilson

Changes for version 0.002

  • FIX: All Moose classes are now immutable
  • FIX: Creating a Net::NSCA::Client::InitialPacket without an IV would cause an error since the default ended up being a Math::Pari object [NOTE: This only would have affected code which explicitly created a Net::NSCA::Client::InitialPacket object]
  • Added a public constant $INITIALIZATION_VECTOR_LENGTH to Net::NSCA::Client::InitialPacket
  • initialization_vector attribute in Net::NSCA::Client::InitialPacket is now always exactly 128 bytes.
  • Fixed documentation in Net::NSCA::Client::DataPacket to specify all required attributes.
  • Added SEE ALSO section in Net::NSCA::Client
  • Added tests for many pieces of the objects and for packet reading and creation.
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