Changes for version 1.003012

  • Remove some old code to avoid a future Moose warning


overview of Devel::REPL.


a modern perl interactive shell
B::Concise dumping of expression optrees
add color to return values, warnings, and errors
Generic command creation plugin using injected functions
Extensible tab completion
Complete global variables, packages, namespaced functions
Complete module names in use and require
Complete Perl keywords and operators
Complete variable names in the REPL's lexical environment
Complete class or object method names
Complete Turtles-based commands
Format results with Data::Dumper::Concise
Format results with Data::Dump::Streamer
Plugin for Devel::REPL to save or print the history.
facilitate user-defined prompts
Finds variables by name
Keep track of all input, provide shortcuts !1, !-1
traps SIGINT to kill long-running lines
Provide a lexical environment for the REPL
read lines until all blocks are closed
#nopaste to upload session's input and output
remember past results, _ is most recent
PPI dumping of Perl code
Keep track of which package the user is in
Devel::Peek plugin for Devel::REPL.
Integrate history with the facilities provided by Term::ReadLine
reload libraries with Module::Refresh
Dump classes initialized with Class::MOP
display execution times
Generic command creation using a read hook


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