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Changes for version 2.0600

    • Releasing 2.0502 as stable.
  • 2.0502-TRIAL Wed, Apr 25, 2012
    • OTHER
      • The Test::DependentModules test now covers a much wider range of downstream dependents (all of them in fact, for some definition of "all"). This should allow us to track inadvertent backwards compatibility breakages much more effectively. (doy)
      • A few test tweaks to avoid spurious failures. (doy)
  • 2.0501-TRIAL Tue, Apr 03, 2012
      • Avoid syntax errors on pre-5.14. (doy)
  • 2.0500-TRIAL Tue, Apr 03, 2012
      • Class::MOP::Class now has methods for introspecting and modifying the overloaded operators for a class. (doy)
      • The cookbook recipes have all been renamed. Instead of numbered recipes (Basics::Recipe1), we now have descriptive names (Basics::Point_AttributesAndSubclassing). This makes it easier for us to add and remove recipes in the future, and makes it a little easier to converse about them, since the name gives us some clue of what they contain.
      • Re-declaring a class_type or role_type constraint that has already been declared now just returns the original type constraint, rather than replacing the original constraint and ergo losing any coercions that were on the original constraint. Fixes RT #73289. (t0m)
      • Moose::Exporter now calls init_meta methods in the correct order, when multiple levels of 'also' parameters are specified. Reported by Rocco Caputo. (doy, perigrin)
      • Moose::Exporter no longer generates init_meta methods in order to apply metaroles, since the metaclass itself isn't guaranteed to exist yet at that point. Metaroles are now applied at the end of import, after all user-defined init_meta methods have been called. Fixes RT #51561. (doy)
      • Fixed a memory leak. This occurred when creating an anonymous class. Immutabilizing an anonymous class still leaks memory due to a bug in Eval::Closure (which should hopefully be fixed soon). Based on code and bug report from Carlos Lima. RT #74650.
      • Fix a segfault when adding a method to a class which was defined in a package which was deleted. (doy)
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