This is Crypt::IDEA version 1.06, an XS-based implementation of the
patent-encumbered IDEA cryptography algorithm.  It's designed
to take full advantage of Crypt::CBC when desired.  This module builds
on many plaforms, with a little assistance (although this should be
more rare now).


For the full test suite to run, Crypt::CBC, version 1.22 or higher
is required (recommended is 1.25 or higher), however this module 
is not mandatory for standalone IDEA use.  

Installing Crypt::IDEA

nothing unusual:

	1. perl Makefile.PL
	2. make
	3. make test
	4. sudo make install


This module has been tested successfully against the following:
Linux 2.0.X (x86)
Linux 2.2.X (x86)
Linux 2.4.X (x86)
Mac OS X 10.4.X (G4)
Solaris 8 (x86 and SPARC)
HP-UX 11
Win32 (mingw 3.4.5, WinXP)

Perl 5.004_01, 5.004_04, 5.005_03, 5.6.0, 5.6.1, 5.8.*

Please send other successful OS/platform combinations to: . Thanks.

Dave Paris - W3Works, LLC