Author image Ruben Westerberg

Changes for version 0.4.0

  • Template inheritance and slotting
  • Requires Perl 5.36 (for isa)
  • User subclassing is now possible
  • Removed redundant code in in peparing templates
  • Sub classes can access metadata (options) and arguments( variables) via accessor methods meta and args
  • The current template is stored in a lexical variable $self
  • Template is of type Template::Plex or user subclass
  • Added %meta to store filename and load/processing options
  • Added 'use' key in options hash to allow using of packages in lexical scope
  • Added 'base' key in options hash to specify base class for template
  • Much easier to implement new templating systems on top of this module now
  • Removed automatic using of String::Util. Templates can use on demand manually
  • Fixed bug in recursive template loading that would not update the dynamic package name
  • Added logging support with Log::ger and Log::OK
  • jmap now requires at least two arguments and works with array/list instead of a reference
  • Block fix no longer kills multiple newlines after a directive close
  • die is called on template compilation error. (=> try/catch)
  • Error message include a summary of the error location and tempalte name
  • plx and plex function depreciated
  • Class methods load/cache/immediate for loading templates


(P)erl (L)exical and (EX)tendable Templating


in lib/Template/Plex/