Revision history for Perl extension Sendmail::AccessDB.

0.08  Sun May 02 2004
	- Changed whitelisted() function to also check for RELAY since
	  according to the sendmail spec, RELAY implies OK.

	- Switched to using BerkeleyDB package instead of File_DB since
          File_DB didn't seen to be working with BDB 4.2 libraries

	- No longer include a test.db file. Call /usr/sbin/makemap at
	  `make test` time. 

0.07  Sat Dec 08 2001
	- Added 'file' argument to lookup() to allow looking up in files
          other than /etc/mail/access.db

0.05  Tue Aug 28 2001
        - Fixed bug where one of the _expand_* private calls was not 

0.04  Sun Aug 19 2001
        - Made a generic "lookup" routine, which will return the value of 
          in the DB. 
        - genericised some private function calls for the purpose of finding
          parent lookups for email addresses, ip addresses, hostnames, etc.
        - Made the lookup and whitelisted routines take a 'qualifier' 
	  argument (e.g., the "Spam" in "Spam:lookup"), as well as to add 
	  a 'type' argument, where a particular lookup-expansion type
	  (previous change)is desired. (e.g., doing a lookup on 'postmaster'
	  is ambiguous, as it could be both a hostname and a recipient or 
	  sender, and the method of determining "parent lookups" for each
	  is different.

0.03  Fri Aug 17 16:46:00 2001
        - Per the sendmail folks, whitelisting lookups now check LHS@ 
          in the DB instead of LHS.

0.02  Fri Aug 17 14:39:00 2001
        - Fixed whitelisting bug where the RHS of an email address wasn't
          scanned to see if parent domains were whitelisted.

0.01  Sun Aug 12 15:55:28 2001
	- original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.20102