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Dave Rolsky
DateTime - Reference implementation for Perl DateTime objects
DateTime::Duration - Duration objects for date math
DateTime::Language - base class for DateTime.pm-related language localization
DateTime::Language::Austrian in lib/DateTime/Language/Austrian.pm
DateTime::Language::Brazilian in lib/DateTime/Language/Brazilian.pm
DateTime::Language::Czech in lib/DateTime/Language/Czech.pm
DateTime::Language::Danish in lib/DateTime/Language/Danish.pm
DateTime::Language::Dutch in lib/DateTime/Language/Dutch.pm
DateTime::Language::English in lib/DateTime/Language/English.pm
DateTime::Language::French in lib/DateTime/Language/French.pm
DateTime::Language::German in lib/DateTime/Language/German.pm
DateTime::Language::Italian in lib/DateTime/Language/Italian.pm
DateTime::Language::Norwegian in lib/DateTime/Language/Norwegian.pm
DateTime::Language::Spanish in lib/DateTime/Language/Spanish.pm
Changes for version 0.07
    • Added a small hack to the compare() method so that this module can
    • be used with Set::Infinite.
    • Changed compare so that it can be used to compare two objects from
    • different calendars that conform to the DateTime::Calendar interface.
    • Added explanation of exactly what calendar this module represents
    • ("proleptic Gregorian calendar") to docs.
    • Added a Spanish language DateTime::Language subclass. Implemented
    • by Flavio S. Glock.
    • Added support for specifying a language by ISO code ("en" or
    • "pt-br") as well as the subclass name. Based on a patch from Erich
    • Cholet.
    • Revamped the externally visible DateTime::Language API.
    • Objects created via the from_object() method are set to the time
    • zone of the object from which they were created, if it has one, or UTC
    • otherwise.
    • [BUG FIXES]
    • The from_object() method was broken because it retrieved a UTC
    • datetime from the object passed in, and then created a new DateTime
    • object using that UTC time as a _local_ time.
    • Removed stringification overloading. Having this in place made it
    • impossible to create a strack trace in much of the time zone code.
    • Renamed the DateTime::Language->subclasses method as languages.
    • It is no longer possible to directly instantiate a
    • DateTime::Language subclass, instead use: my $en = DateTime::Language->new( language => 'English' );
    • The from_object() method no longer accepts a "time_zone" parameter.

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