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Dave Rolsky

Changes for version 0.30

    • Expanded and rewrote the docs on date math to try to explain exactly how DateTime.pm works, and in particular cover the problems DST introduces to various types of date math. The docs now also include some specific recommendations on getting sane results from datetime math.
    • Added calendar_duration() and clock_duration() methods to DateTime::Duration
    • Explicitly override the stringification method for DateTime::Infinite objects. They now stringify as whatever the IEEE infinity and negative infinity numbers stringify to on your platform. On Linux this is "inf" and "-inf". CPAN RT #16632.
    • delta_md() and delta_days() did not always return correct values when crossing a DST change.
    • The pure Perl version of the code had a dependency ordering problem where DateTime::LeapSecond depended on other pure Perl code that wasn't yet available. I'm not sure how this ever worked.
    • Remove mentions of leap second on 1971-12-31 from the docs, because there was no leap second that day. Reported by Mike Schilli.
    • If you added a second to a datetime that was on a leap second (like 2005-12-31T23:59:60) it got "stuck" and kept returning the same datetime. Reported by Mike Schilli.
    • Changes to the tests in 20infinite.t may fix failures seen on some platforms and with new versions of Test::More (0.62 was known to cause failures)
    • The subtract_datetime() method switched back to using the local portion of the date _and_ time, but it now accounts for days with DST changes specially. This produces results that fix the bugs that were fixed by previous subtraction changes in 0.28 and 0.29, but without introducing even more bugs. The overall result should be sane, but please see the docs for details.
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