0.09     2008-03-07

- The output of format_datetime() always includes the time
  portion. Without this the module produced what I think was an
  invalid iCal date. More importantly, this makes the output
  consistent (always a DATE-TIME). Reported by Bill Moseley.

- removes RRULE: and EXRULE: from ICal string before parsing.
  Reported by Matt Sisk.

0.08     2003-09-04

- Negative durations were formatted as positive with Perl 5.00503.
  Fixed by Flavio Glock.

0.07     2003-09-02

- Added format_recurrence() & docs.  Implemented by Flavio Glock.

- Require DateTime::Event::Recurrence 0.03 to get hints on formatting
  unbounded recurrences.

- Updated to work with newer versions of DateTime.pm and

0.06     2003-07-01

- Fix a test where a zero-duration was tested for being "positive".

- Add docs for parse_recurrence.

0.05     2003-05-25

- Turned on warnings for tests and tweaked code so there are none.

- Require DateTime::TimeZone 0.17 to fix bug with formatting datetimes
  that was caused by API change in DT::TZ 0.13.

- Added support for parsing of periods and recurrences, and for
  formatting of periods.  Implemented by Flavio Glock.

0.04     2003-04-22

- Make it work with the latest DateTime::Duration.

- Added newlines to the end of all error messages.  Patch by Jay

0.03     2003-04-05

- Handle offset-only time zones without producing garbage output.  Bug
  report from Iain Truskett.

- Switch to Module::Build.

0.02     2003-02-16

- Change docs to show methods as class methods.

0.01_01  2003-02-08

- Fix Makefile.PL to list DateTime.pm as a prereq

0.01_00  2003-02-08

- First alpha release