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Changes for version 1.10

  • This is a big release and there are a number of backwards incompatibilities with version 1.05 and earlier. Please make sure to read the UPGRADE document, which covers these in more detail.
  • Mason can always detect when an object file was compiled with an incompatible compiler/lexer, even if the object file contains syntax errors.
  • Method and subcomponent blocks with no name (<%method>) were caught as an error, but the error message was very confusing. This has been fixed.
  • Added HTML::Mason::Subclassing, documentation on subclassing Mason objects.
  • Added documentation on the interaction between <%once> sections and preloading components.
  • Mason automatically calls $m->clear_buffer when $m->decline is called.
  • Fixed a bug in the lexer that made it think it had found a Perl-line where none existed.
  • Fixed a bug related to handling of parameters in httpd.conf files. This was only noticeable if you attempted to provide a subclass of one of Mason's classes (like your own Request class) that took its own parameters. Mason was not recognizing those additional parameters as valid.
  • Improved line number reporting from earlier releases. Line numbers are now reported properly for errors in any type of block.
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