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Changes for version 1.17

    • Added "REQUEST:" as a component specifier for method comp calls, similar to "SELF:" and "PARENT:". "REQUEST:" is short-hand for $m->request_comp. Suggested by Manuel Capinha, among others.
    • Added $m->call_self. This was present in Mason pre-1.10, and has been added back per Jon Swartz's request.
    • Added $comp->attributes, similar to $comp->methods. This just returns attributes for a given component objects. It doesn't return attributes inherited from a parent. Suggested by Matti Makitalo.
    • ** When $m->cache_self was used for a component with a filter block, the output would be cached _before_ filtering, and filtered every time it was retrieved from the cache. This has been fixed, and the documentation now specifies that the filtered output is cached.
    • Fixed failure of 12-taint.t #7 on Win32 boxes. Reported by Randy Kobes.
    • Without HTML::Entities installed, 13-errors.t #7 failed. Reported by Sam Kington.
    • $m->file did not handle relative paths properly when called from a subcomponent or method. Reported by Chris Hutchinson.
    • If $m->abort was called in the shared block of a component that had a filter, then a fatal error occured. Reported by Chris Pudney.
    • Mason was not cooperating with Apache::Filter, and attempts to filter Mason's output did not work. Fixing this also requires Apache::Filter 1.021, if you are using Apache::Request to handling incoming arguments. Reported by by Manuel Capinha.
    • Mason assumed that if Scalar::Util loaded without errors, it had a weaken() subroutine. However, Scalar::Util provides a pure Perl implementation that does not include this subroutine. Now we check for this subroutine explicitly. Reported by Autrijus Tang.
    • Some code constructs, such as qw() lists, would end up being turned into invalid code during component compilation. Reported by Robert Landrum.
    • Subclassing a subclass of HTML::Mason::Request broke when the class between HTML::Mason::Request and your own class called alter_superclass.
    • Under mod_perl 2.0, when ApacheHandler could't resolve a filename to a component, it would die instead of returning a not found status.
    • Removed the long deprecated and undocumented $comp->parent_comp method. Use $comp->owner instead.
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