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Changes for version 1.20

    • Added an $m->notes() method, which is similar to $r->pnotes() but may be used outside a mod_perl environment. Task id #449.
    • Mason will now only convert non-reference exceptions to HTML::Mason::Exception objects, so it should cooperate better with modules like Error.pm. Task id #446.
    • Added more documentation on Mason's error handling and exception system. Task id #446.
    • If Mason was configured via the Apache httpd.conf file, it could in many cases be quite a bit slower than configuration via a custom handler subroutine. Now configuration via the httpd.conf is much faster, and is only about 5% slower than a custom handler subroutine. Reported by Jeremy Blain.
    • Mason's test harness now gives verbose output when the TEST_VERBOSE environment variable is true. This eliminates the need for setting MASON_VERBOSE.
    • ** It is now an error to have a subcomponent and method with the same name in a single component.
    • Mason would die if asked to compile a component that evaluates to a false value. Task id #444. Reported by David Wheeler.
    • Mason now gives a better error message if you try to call a component's methods or subcomponents from its <%shared> block. Task id #448. Reported by Randy Harmon.
    • If in_package was set, Mason would die if output was generated after a subrequest. Task id #453. Reported by David R. Baird.
    • If Perl's print() was called after a subrequest, Mason would die when run with any Perl before 5.8.0. Task id #458.
    • If a component called $m->cache_self, and then $m->decline, no output would be generated. Task id #454. Patch by Vadim Ustiansky.
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