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Changes for version 1.36

    • If a component with content call ending tag appeared inside a
  • subcomp or method without an opening tag, then the compiler dies with a Perl error, rather than reporting the error usefully. Reported by Rich Williams.
    • Under mod_perl 2, if decline_dirs was false and a directory was
  • requested, you got a "Use of uninitialized value" warning from ApacheHandler in your logs. Reported by Ogden Nefix.
    • HTML::Entities is now a prereq. Not requiring it made for various
  • weird gyrations in the tests that didn't seem to work all the time, causing various failures. Fixes RT #24827.
    • Request::CGIHandler->exec() now returns the return value from
  • executing the component, just like a normal Request. Reported by Adrian Irving-Beer.
      • Added a new Compiler::ToObject parameter,
  • named_component_subs. Turning this on makes it possible to profile components.
    • Added a new Request parameter, component_error_handler. This can be
  • set to change how component compilation and runtime errors are handled. It can also be set to false to just let errors go unhandled, which could speed up apps that throw a lot of non-object exceptions.
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