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Changes for version 0.89

  • Moose::Manual::Attributes
    • Clarify "is", include discussion of "bare". (Sartak)
  • Moose::Meta::Role::Method::Conflicting
  • Moose::Meta::Role::Application::ToClass
    • For the first set of roles involved in a conflict, report all unresolved method conflicts, not just the first method. Fixes #47210 reported by Ovid. (Sartak)
  • Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint
    • Add assert_valid method to use a TypeConstraint for assertion (rjbs)
  • Moose::Exporter
    • Make "use Moose -metaclass => 'Foo'" do alias resolution, like -traits does. (doy)
    • Allow specifying role options (alias, excludes, MXRP stuff) in the arrayref passed to "use Moose -traits" (doy)
  • Moose::Util
    • Add functions meta_class_alias and meta_attribute_alias for creating aliases for class and attribute metaclasses and metatraits. (doy)
  • Moose::Meta::Attribute
  • Moose::Meta::Method::Accessor
    • A trigger now receives the old value as a second argument, if the attribute had one. (Dave Rolsky)
  • Moose::Meta::Method::Constructor
    • Fix a bug with $obj->new when $obj has stringify overloading. Reported by Andrew Suffield [rt.cpan.org #47882] (Sartak)
      • However, we will probably deprecate $obj->new, so please don't start using it for new code!


How to cook a Moose
The (always classic) Point example.
Using BUILDARGS and BUILD to hook into object construction
Extending a non-Moose base class
A simple BankAccount example
A lazy BinaryTree example
Subtypes, and modeling a simple Company class hierarchy
More subtypes, coercion in a Request class
The augment/inner example
Making Moose fast with immutable
Builder methods and lazy_build
Operator overloading, subtypes, and coercion
Moose extension overview
Providing a role for the base object class
Providing an alternate base object class
Acting like Moose.pm and providing sugar Moose-style
Welcome to the meta world (Why Go Meta?)
A meta-attribute, attributes with labels
Labels implemented via attribute traits
Adding a "table" attribute to the metaclass
The "table" attribute as a metaclass trait
A method metaclass for marking methods public or private
Creating a glob reference meta-instance class
The Moose::Role example
Advanced Role Composition - method exclusion and aliasing
Applying a role to an object instance
Restricted "keywords" in Moose
Snippets of code for using Types and Type Constraints
Expanded into Moose::Manual::BestPractices, so go read that
Expanded into Moose::Manual, so go read that
What is Moose, and how do I use it?
Object attributes with Moose
Get the most out of Moose
Making your classes use Moose (and subclassing)
Moose OO concepts
Object construction (and destruction) with Moose
How to get involved in Moose
Attribute delegation
Important Changes in Moose
Frequently asked questions about Moose
The Moose (and Class::MOP) meta API
Moose's method modifiers
Recommended Moose extensions
Roles, an alternative to deep hierarchies and base classes
Moose's type system
Moose idioms in plain old Perl 5 without the sugar
Formal spec for Role behavior
Moved to Moose::Manual::Unsweetened, so go read that


A postmodern object system for Perl 5
Prefer confess
Prefer croak
Carp based error generation for Moose.
make an import() and unimport() just like Moose.pm
The Moose attribute metaclass
The Moose metaclass
Implements immutability for metaclass objects
The Moose Instance metaclass
A Moose Method metaclass
A Moose Method metaclass for accessors
A Moose Method metaclass for augmented methods
Method Meta Object for constructors
A Moose Method metaclass for delegation methods
Method Meta Object for destructors
A Moose Method metaclass for overridden methods
The Moose Role metaclass
A base class for role application
Compose a role into a class
Compose a role into an instance
Compose a role into another role
An object to represent the set of roles
A Moose Method metaclass for Roles
A Moose metaclass for conflicting methods in Roles
A Moose metaclass for required methods in Roles
The Moose Type Coercion metaclass
The Moose Type Coercion metaclass for Unions
The Moose Type Constraint metaclass
Class/TypeConstraint parallel hierarchy
Type constraint for duck typing
Type constraint for enumerated values.
Type constraints which can take a parameter (ArrayRef)
Type constraints with a bound parameter (ArrayRef[Int])
registry for type constraints
Role/TypeConstraint parallel hierarchy
A union of Moose type constraints
The base object for Moose
The Moose Role
Utilities for working with Moose classes
Apply roles to any metaclass, as well as the object base class
Type constraint system for Moose
Optimized constraint bodies for various moose types
Test functions for Moose specific features
syntactic sugar to make Moose one-liners easier


in lib/Moose/Meta/Attribute.pm