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Clinton Gormley
Elasticsearch - The official client for Elasticsearch
Elasticsearch::Bulk - A helper module for the Bulk API and for reindexing
Elasticsearch::Client::Direct - Thin client with full support for Elasticsearch APIs
Elasticsearch::Client::Direct::Cluster - A client for running cluster-level requests
Elasticsearch::Client::Direct::Indices - A client for running index-level requests
Elasticsearch::Cxn::Factory - Used by CxnPools to create new Cxn instances.
Elasticsearch::Cxn::HTTPTiny - A Cxn implementation which uses HTTP::Tiny
Elasticsearch::Cxn::LWP - A Cxn implementation which uses LWP
Elasticsearch::CxnPool::Sniff - A CxnPool for connecting to a local cluster with a dynamic node list
Elasticsearch::CxnPool::Static - A CxnPool for connecting to a remote cluster with a static list of nodes.
Elasticsearch::CxnPool::Static::NoPing - A CxnPool for connecting to a remote cluster without the ability to ping.
Elasticsearch::Error - Errors thrown by Elasticsearch
Elasticsearch::Logger::LogAny - A Log::Any-based Logger implementation
Elasticsearch::Role::API - This class contains the spec for the Elasticsearch APIs
Elasticsearch::Role::Client - Provides common functionality for Client implementations
Elasticsearch::Role::Client::Direct - Request parsing for Direct clients
Elasticsearch::Role::Cxn - Provides common functionality to Cxn implementations
Elasticsearch::Role::Cxn::HTTP - Provides common functionality to HTTP Cxn implementations
Elasticsearch::Role::CxnPool - Provides common functionality to the CxnPool implementations
Elasticsearch::Role::Logger - Provides common functionality to Logger implementations
Elasticsearch::Role::Serializer - An interface for Serializer modules
Elasticsearch::Scroll - A helper module for scrolled searches
Elasticsearch::Serializer::JSON - A Serializer for JSON
Elasticsearch::TestServer - A helper class to launch Elasticsearch nodes
Elasticsearch::Transport - Interface between the client class the Elasticsearch cluster
Elasticsearch::Util - A utility class for internal use by Elasticsearch
Elasticsearch::Util::API::Path - A utility class for converting path templates into real paths
Elasticsearch::Util::API::QS - A utility class for query string parameters in the API
Changes for version 0.76
    • Added support for send_get_body_as GET/POST/source
    • Added timeout to bulk API

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