String::Compare - A module to see how much two strings are alike.

This module was created when I needed to merge the information
between two databases, and I had to find who were who in each database,
but the names weren't always equals, sometimes there were differences.

The problem was that I need to choose the right person, so I must see how
much the different names are alike. I've tried testing char by char, but situations
like the described in the synopsis showed me that wasn't enough. So I created a
set of tests to give a more accurate pontuation of how much the  names are alike.

The result is in percentage. If the strings are exactly equal, it would return 1,
if they have nothing in common, it would return 0.


0.2 - word_by_word tries all the words of the other string for each word to get the
better result.


perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install


perldoc String::Compare (after installing it:)


This module was created by "Daniel Ruoso" <> and is licensed under
the GNU GPL or the Artistic License.