++ed by:
Author image Dennis Schön
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 0.6 - 2009-10-06

  • depends on libgearman 0.10 or later
  • API changes: client/worker set_options() now only gets one parameter
    • job functions renamed: status() -> send_status() data() -> send_data() fail() -> send_fail() warning() -> send_warning() complete() -> send_complete()
    • task functions renamed: function() -> function_name() uuid() -> unique()
  • add client function add_task_status()
  • add client/worker options(), add_options() and remove_options() functions
  • add client/worker timeout() and set_timeout() functions
  • add client/worker wait() function
  • add worker functions register(), unregister() and unregister_all()
  • add client clear_fn() function
  • add task functions is_known() and is_running()


Perl front end for the Gearman C library.
Perl client for gearman using libgearman
Perl job for gearman using libgearman
Perl task for gearman using libgearman
Perl worker for gearman using libgearman