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WWW::Sundance - Get movie schedules/info from Sundance.


  use WWW::Sundance;
  my $sd = WWW::Sundance->new;



WWW::Sundance is used to fetch movie schedules and info from the Sundance web site.


new ()

This is the contructor for a new WWW:Sundance object;


schedule_date ( DATE )

If DATE is passed, this method will set the schedule date to query. The format for DATE is 'mm/dd/yyyy'. Apologies to non-US users... this is the date format used in the Sundance query string. The schedule date is returned.

schedule ()

This method will fetch the schedule for the schedule_date. If schedule_date is not set, then schedule for current date will be fetched.

search_text ( TEXT )

If TEXT is passed, this method will set the search string to be used to query Sundance. The search text is returned.

search ()

This method will fetch all entries matching search_text.


Doug Sparling,


Copyright (c) 2002 Douglas Sparling. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself;