Statistics-Distributions-GTest version 0.1.5

The G-test of independence is an alternative to the chi-square test of independence for testing for independence in
contingency tables. G-tests are coming into increasing use and as with the chi-square test for independence the G-test
for independence is used when you have two nominal variables each with two or more possible values. The null hypothesis
is that the relative proportions of one variable are independent of the second variable. This module implements two two 
equivalent, but marginally different approaches to calculate G scores (that described in and that used by Benchmarking 
indicates that first approach works about a third faster than the alternative. However, this difference 
diminishes as the categories increase. See and


To install this module, run the following commands:

	perl Makefile.PL
	make test
	make install

Alternatively, to install with Module::Build, you can use the following commands:

	perl Build.PL
	./Build test
	./Build install


'version'                   => 0,
'Statistics::Distributions' => '1.02',
'Math::Cephes'              => '0.47', 
'Carp'                      => '1.08', 
'Contextual::Return'        => '0.2.1',
'List::Util'                => '1.19', 
'Text::SimpleTable';        => '2.0',


Copyright (C) 2009, Daniel S. T. Hughes

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the same terms as Perl itself.