2001-03-14   Darren Duncan <perl@DarrenDuncan.net>

	* Release 1.0301.
	* This release fixes a couple of documentation bugs.  There were no 
	changes made to the code itself as that was fine.
	* The SYNOPSIS section used to show one calling start_html() using named 
	parameters, a feature which was dropped after v1.01.  The method actually 
	takes positional parameters only, and SYNOPSIS has been updated to show 
	proper calling style.
	* Also fixed a bug in the ReadMe file where the file heading said 
	"class method parameter parser" instead of "easy html tag maker".
	The wrong heading referred to a different distribution.
2001-02-15   Darren Duncan <perl@DarrenDuncan.net>

	* Release 1.03.
	* This release is the first one that includes the CPAN standard files 
	"Makefile.PL", "test.pl", and "MANIFEST", which were all created following 
	the previous release.  The content of "Manifest" was previously inside the 
	"ReadMe" file.  Improved the install instructions in my ReadMe file.
	* Added programmer documentation to the various blocks of code, so it is 
	easier to see how they work; useful because a lot is done with little code.
	* Removed the method positional_by_default() and associated class property 
	as this property wasn't used anywhere, so to simplify things.  This change 
	would break any code that depends on the method to be there.
	* Added convenience methods start_html() and end_html() which make a canned 
	html header and footer respectively.  They are much simpler than the ones 
	removed for the previous release, and not proprietary.
2001-01-03   Darren Duncan <perl@DarrenDuncan.net>

	* Release 1.02.
	* This release is the first one following official registrations with 
	"The Perl 5 Module List".  The updated entry would look like this:
::EasyTags        bdpO Make proper HTML 4 tags/lists/parts          DUNCAND
	* This release contains my "HTML::EasyTags" module, which was previously a 
	part of the following distributions under the temporary name of 
		- "libdwg": v1.0 r2000-07-23, v1.11 r2000-08-23
		- "CGI-FormGenerator": v0.9 r2000-09-04, v0.9201 r2000-12-26
	* This module requires Perl version 5.004.
	It also requires Class::ParamParser 1.01.

	* Code changes since HTML::TagMaker consist mainly in the removal of the 
	start_html() and end_html() methods; these were superfluous to the purpose 
	of the module, had unstable feature sets, and I deemed them proprietary.
	The POD also received significant updates.
2000-12-26   Darren Duncan <perl@DarrenDuncan.net>

	* CGI-FormGenerator 0.9201, the last version of any distribution to include
HTML::TagMaker, was released.
2000-07-23   Darren Duncan <perl@DarrenDuncan.net>

	* libdwg 1.0, the first version of any distribution to include
HTML::TagMaker, was released on CPAN.
2000-04-21   Darren Duncan <perl@DarrenDuncan.net>

	* Completed primary development on this module.

2000-01-30   Darren Duncan <perl@DarrenDuncan.net>

	* Began development on the final version of this module.
	* Module based on a template created by h2xs 1.18.

1999-07-29 thru 1999-11-13

	* Worked on prototype of code that ended up in this module.