WWW::Babelfish, version .16

This is BETA software; use at your own risk. 

Comments, bug reports, patches etc. are appreciated.

This module is a simple perl front-end to the Babelfish, Google or Yahoo
translation servers.  It's more fun than useful, but it might have a
place in IRC/talk clients or perhaps a translating web proxy. It makes
an attempt at breaking longer pieces of text up into chunks that
Babelfish can handle and then reassembling them. 

This module needs the following modules, all available from CPAN:

HTTP::Request    (in the libwww-perl bundle)
LWP::UserAgent   (in the libwww-perl bundle)
HTML::TokeParser (in the libwww-perl bundle)

After unpacking the tar file, do the usual:

        perl Makefile.PL 
	make test
        make install

There is embedded POD documentation in Babelfish.pm

Brian Raven <brianr@liffe.com>		Patch to fix warning when
					source text doesn't start with
Peter Tirsek <peter@tirsek.com>		Patch to fix bug in whitespace
					handling at beginning of
					paragraph AND new Babelfish
					URL and format.
Olivier Scherler <olivier.scherler@urbanet.ch>
					Patch for subtle whitespace
					handling bug. 
Brett T Warden <bwarden@wgz.com>	Patch for handling non-roman 
Martin K. Sluka <martin@sluka.de>	Patch to add languagepairs 
Eric R. Meyers <ermeyers@adelphia.net>	Patch to fix corruption of main 
					package space.
Jan Willamowius <jan@willamowius.de>	Patch to add Yahoo translation 
<FANY@cpan.org>				Patch for some Babelfish glitches.
Djihed Afifi <djihed@gmail.com>		Patch for Google format change.

Many many thanks also to Wolfgang Schlueschen
<wolfgang.schlueschen@philips.com> and Daniel van Balen
<vdaniel@trompo.com> who simultaneously submitted patches for the new
Babelfish URL and format.

Copyright (c) 1999-2006 Daniel J. Urist. All rights reserved.  This
package is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the same terms as Perl itself.

Daniel J. Urist