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David E. Wheeler
sqitch - SQL Change Management
sqitch-add-step - Add a deployment step
sqitch-add-step-usage - Sqitch add-step usage statement
sqitch-config - Get and set local, user, or system Sqitch options
sqitch-config-usage - Sqitch config usage statement
sqitch-deploy - Deploy changes to a database
sqitch-deploy-usage - Sqitch deploy usage statement
sqitch-help - Display help for Sqitch and Sqitch commands
sqitch-help-usage - Sqitch help usage statement
sqitch-init - Create a new Sqitch project
sqitch-init-usage - Sqitch init usage statement
sqitchtutorial - A tutorial introduction to Sqitch
App::Sqitch - VCS-powered SQL change management
App::Sqitch::Command - Sqitch Command support
App::Sqitch::Command::add_step - Add a new deployment step
App::Sqitch::Command::config - Get and set local, user, or system Sqitch options
App::Sqitch::Command::deploy - Deploy Sqitch changes
App::Sqitch::Command::help - Display help information about Sqitch
App::Sqitch::Command::init - Create a new Sqitch project
App::Sqitch::Config - Sqitch configuration management
App::Sqitch::Engine - Sqitch Deployment Engine
App::Sqitch::Engine::pg - Sqitch PostgreSQL Engine
App::Sqitch::Engine::sqlite - Sqitch SQLite Engine
App::Sqitch::Plan - Sqitch Deployment Plan
App::Sqitch::Plan::Step - Sqitch deployment plan tag
App::Sqitch::Plan::Tag - Sqitch deployment plan tag
Changes for version 0.31
    • Fixed some typos and failing tests.

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