Changes for version 0.90

  • Added `dist/sqitch.spec`. This file was created to generate an RPM for CentOS 6.1.
  • Added `dist/sqitch-pg.spec` to use for creating RPMs for Sqitch with PostgreSQL support.
  • Fixed an occasional test failure due to a clock tick in `t/pg.t.`
  • Switched to Dist::Zilla for creating the distribution. For end-users, this just means that `Build.PL` is now a generated file.
  • Required module versions are now declared in code. This is so that they are enforced at runtime, and also so that they will be picked up by Dist::Zilla for inclusion in the generated `Build.PL` and `META` files.x
  • Added support for declaring dependencies (required and conflicting changes) from other Sqitch projects. This allows one project to depend on changes from another. The syntax is `--requires $projname:$change`. This use of the colon required a few changes to the Plan syntax:
    • Pragmas may now appear only in the first "header" section of the plan, separated from the changes in the "body" of the plan by a blank line.
    • Required dependencies no longer begin with ":". Conflicts still must begin with "!".
    • Object names may no longer contain ":", as it is used for project specification.
    • Project-qualified dependencies are supported by the project name appearing before the change name, separated by a colon.
  • Added App::Sqitch::Plan::Depend, an object to parse, represent, and serialize dependencies.
  • The plan parser does not validate changes required from other projects, as it has no access to the plans from those projects.
  • The engine interface validates cross-project dependencies before deploying changes.
  • Project data is not included in the Sqitch metadata tables in the database. There is a table for all known projects, as well as foreign key references in the `changes`, `tags`, and `events` tables.
  • Project information is now displayed in the output of `sqitch status` and `sqitch log` (in some formats).
  • Added `--project` option to `sqitch status` to identify the project for which to display the status. Defaults to the current project, if there is one, or to the project in the database, if there is only one registered project.
  • Added `--project` option to `sqitch log` to allow searching for events from projects matching a regular expression.
  • Now require Config::GitLike 1.09 for its improved character encoding support.
  • Dependencies can now be declared as SHA1 hash IDs, including for IDs from other projects.
  • Fixed change and tag name validation to count "_" as a non-punctuation character, and therefore able to be used at the beginning or end of names.
  • Replaced the `appuser` change in `sqitchtutorial` with `appschema`. This simplifies things, since users are global objects in PostgreSQL, while schemas are not. As a result, a bunch of irrelevant code was removed from the tutorial.
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