Changes for version 0.91

  • Moved `requires` and `conflicts` array columns from the `changes` table to an new table, `dependencies`, where there is just one per row.
  • Requirements are now checked before reverting a change. If the change is depended on by other changes, it will not be reverted (Issue #36).
  • Fixed bug where the `status` command would show changes and/or tags from other projects when `--show-tags` or `--show-changes` were used.
  • Fixed test failures on Windows.
  • Added more ways to look up the current username to minimize the chances that none is found.
  • Added Windows-specific way of finding the current user's full name, since the existing approach died on Windows.
  • Windows-specific modules are no longer required, but are recommended on Windows. They will be listed by `./Build` and added to the "recommends" section of the the generated `MYMETA.*` files on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug where dependencies on other projects would be rejected in calls to `add` and `rework`.
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